About Us

Pipesurvey USA, LLC is a partnership founded in 2019 between Pipesurvey International and Invacor to bring world class, proven in-line inspection tools and software to the US market. Headquartered in Houston, TX, Pipesurvey USA’s highly skilled engineers, operators and data analysts provide a broad range of experience and expertise to meeting the unique needs of US pipeline operators.

Pipesurvey International has continually advanced and evolved inspection technologies to meet evolving global needs since 2002. This includes creating bi-directional and multi-diameter solutions, as well as expertise operating in challenging flow regimes. Pipesurvey International consists of creative and skilled engineers with a dynamic pioneering-spirit who are passionate about solving pipeline threats, including the tool and software’s original creators.

Together, Pipesurvey USA and Invacor offer a full suite of pipeline integrity services, either stand-alone or as total integrity solutions with one team, one quote, and one invoice.