Steel pipes are tough, but they’re not impervious. Local deformations such as dents, buckles, ovality, and wrinkles, or bends caused by factors such as free span can lead to deposits, flow restrictions, and other problems.

Leveraging the latest in pipeline assessment technology, our Advanced Pipeline Geometry pigging service helps you gauge the integrity of your pipes in real-time. Using Pipesurvey’s powerful and user-friendly DATsurvey software, operators receive thorough diagnostic data obtained by high-accuracy, multi-channel radial measurement with 3D inertial measurement built into the pig. The pig’s data logger is able to register dynamic behavior, acceleration, and rotation so you can “see” inside your pipeline from any perspective, distance, clock position, or scale you need.

Our geometry pigs are able to accomodate pipes in diameters from 6” to 56”.

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