We believe that integrity is key to safe and reliable operations. Our job is to deliver high quality, consistent integrity services to ensure the safety and productivity of our customer’s assets.

We have assembled key services, technology, and expertise to reliably deliver a single service or a total integrity solution.

We have organized the company to enable us to offer our full suite of services with one quote, one invoice, one team for our customer’s small, large, and complex projects.

We are able to provide pipeline owners and operators, petrochemical and refinery operators, 3rd party contractors, and other industrial operators the full suite of integrity inspection and testing services, pipeline services, and nitrogen services for the upstream, midstream, downstream, and marine applications.

At Invacor, our goal is to be the only pipeline integrity service company our customers will ever need.


Invacor was formed in 2017 under the private equity sponsorship of CSL Capital Management. Over the next seven quarters, the team acquired and integrated two businesses and formed a joint venture, with the aim to deliver a full suite of integrity-based services centered around in line inspection and testing.