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I herewith declare that Pipesurvey International has successfully conducted a pipeline inspection for the Delfzijl Plant. Execution of work has been conducted in compliance with operational plan and time scheduled as well as with requirements for Health, safety, and environmental.

Maintenance Leader at Dow Benelux B.V.

The quality of service and delivery of data is to our full satisfaction and based on our experience we would freely recommend Pipesurvey International for future pipeline inspection and integrity services.

Facility Engineer at Chevron Exploration and Production Netherland B.V.

Special thanks to Pipelogic Services for successful completion of the hydrotest for the a key feed line at our LaPorte facility……the target date for the inspection was uncertain. We were still able to make our original inspection target date…. Pipelogic arrived on site early and had all their relevant tools necessary to do the work.

Product Engineer at Dow Benelux B.V.

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