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Comprehensive help for your toughest challenges

In addition to our main offerings, Pipelogic is proud to provide the following services to your pipeline project:


Put us to work guiding your pipeline project before it even starts. Our on-site consultants can help you craft an entire pigging program, from selecting the appropriate pigs to the best cleaning process, developing maintenance and testing schedules, troubleshooting and support, and more.

Maintenance Pigging

Routine maintenance is essential for oil and gas pipeline integrity over the long term, and pigging should be a key component of your maintenance program. Our team can assist with a wide variety of maintenance pigging applications, including:

  • Debris and deposit removal
  • Dewatering and drying
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Batching pig line filling

Project Management

Because of our extensive expertise in the field, many of our clients are most comfortable handing us the reins on their pipeline project. Invacor team members are hand-picked for project management assignments based on their particular skillsets to ensure an on-time, under-budget, successful project. Our project managers are able to direct your project end-to-end, if necessary, or only on specific aspects of a project…however you see fit to use them.

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