A safe, efficient choice for maintenance activities

Whether you’re conducting repairs on a pipeline, a product changeover, or some other maintenance procedure, nitrogen is the best choice to displace product because it is both inert and extremely dry.  We routinely perform pig displacements with nitrogen, and also perform straight purges when working on non-piggable lines.

Benefits of using nitrogen gas for pigging include:

  • Best option for swab drying and displacing air (oxygen)
  • Cost-effective displacement method
  • Inert gas with pig is the method of pipeline purging

Our experienced team will analyze your pipe’s length and diameter, amount and degree of any bends, product viscosity, and other factors to ensure the exact pigging pressure needed. As with all our pumping jobs, we record data throughout and provide it to you upon completion. 

Push Gas for Pigging Services - Chase | Invacor

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