Industrial-strength drying solutions for your operations

Operators of refineries, utilities, and plants of all types trust Chase Nitrogen Services with their plant equipment purging and drying services and needs. As with pipelines, removing moisture, oxygen, and any potentially explosive hydrocarbons from plant process equipment is imperative for the safety and health of plant equipment.

Our fleet offers complete plant equipment purging and drying services/solutions on-the-go. Our mobile nitrogen pumping units have a wide range of flow rate and temperature capability.  We also offer alternative solutions for smaller projects, where tube trailers, or portable bulk tanks with vaporizers, may be more practical.  

We have the capability to deliver nitrogen in excess of 220 degrees F using our heat recovery vaporization systems in conjunction with secondary heat exchangers.  This allows us to deliver relatively hot nitrogen gas without the use of open burner vaporizers.  This eliminates the ignition source that other units require for hot nitrogen. We also have units with direct fired vaporization that can deliver very hot gas up to several hundred degrees F. 

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