Pure nitrogen for pristine lines

Whether it’s purging hydrocarbon product, or removing contents that contribute to corrosion such as residual moisture or oxygen, nitrogen is perfect for the application. That’s where Chase’s Pipeline Purging service comes in.

The liquid nitrogen handling protocols we follow allow us to maintain a minimum of 99.99% pure nitrogen with a dewpoint of minus 97 degrees F.  We also employ sophisticated analytical equipment to measure low dewpoints.  These practices give us the capability to dry your pipelines to a lower dewpoint than other methods such as air drying or methanol swabbing.  After the drying process, your pipeline will already have an inert atmosphere, eliminating the need for the final nitrogen purge and blanket that usually follows the drying process. 

We can handle any pipeline system, no matter how complex, by employing any of the major purging/drying processes, including:

  • Pressurization purging (pressure/vent cycles)
  • Dilution purging and drying
  • Displacement purging with pigging
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