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Well Displacement and Coiled Tubing Support

Whether you’re completing a well, doing a workover, or reversing a well kill, nitrogen offers superior displacement of well fluids. It ensures all solids and debris such as drill cuttings are removed for successful completion. Our team can oversee the controlled pumping of nitrogen gas into the wellbore with a coiled tubing string until all fluid is gone and the well is ready for production.

Foam Cement Support

Our operators have years of experience supporting foam cement projects with nitrogen, and fully understand the process and how to meet your foam cement needs.

Atomization Treatments

Chase can help you avoid the problem of liquid blockage downhole that often results from performing matrix acidization using foam slugs. Acid foamed by having nitrogen continuously injected into it has been proven to be the far more effective way to create rock channels and improve production. 

Frac Support

We offer oilfield operators both the nitrogen supply and operational expertise for fracturing jobs in water-sensitive formations and shallow formations. We can deliver pure nitrogen gas or foamed, energized, or ultra-high quality fracking fluid into the wellbore, decreasing the fracture initiation pressure of the rock compared with water and creating a more complex fracture pattern.

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