On-demand supply service for any size application

During emergencies when your nitrogen pipeline experiences an outage, you need to have a backup plan you can trust, on short notice, that can keep you operating until you’re back online.

With a simple call to Chase you can have nitrogen quickly delivered to your job site by our experienced team at whatever amounts your application demands.

High-Volume Needs

For big jobs, our team can get you up and running with our trailer-mounted nitrogen pump units. Features include:

  • Discharge rates of up to 360k SCFH
  • Transport fleet to support pumping operations
  • Queen tanks and other portable temporary on-site storage  

Smaller-Volume Needs

In addition to outages, smaller applications such as pressure tests, purges, and other maintenance procedures are good candidates for tube trailer delivery.  We can also provide temporary portable bulk tanks with vaporizers that can be installed at your site for uninterrupted supply.

Backup for Nitrogen Pipeline Outages - Chase | Invacor

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