Performing/reporting on integrity risk/reliability analysis using computational tools/techniques to identify integrity threats: performing Pipeline Integrity studies based on Ill Inspection data, metal loss, Geometry, mapping, Bending Strain, Pipeline Movement. Dent Strain/ILI Run Comparison: per· forming a thorough engineering review from client historical information/previous pipeline inspections for consideration throughout the full ILI Inspection project; ensuring projects comply with applicable codes, practices. QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications: performing quality assurance on all final reports prior to customer submission: investigating pipeline segments /defects that do not meet integrity risk/reliability targets; interacts w/customers to ensure final reporting data reflects their specific data requirements; collaborating w/application engineering on root cause analysis; preparing. scheduling, coordinating/monitoring assigned engineering projects, supporting continuous improvement plan for analysis tools, processes methodologies for long-range integrity plan/optimization.

Requires Master’s or foreign equiv. in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or related field and 72 months experience in Mechanical Engineering. 3 years prior on job training/industry courses re Inline Pipeline Integrity analysis/risk assessments onshore/offshore pipelines to identify deficiencies, corrosion, stress, cracks, dents, gouges required.

Knowledge of industry standards related to Ill Inspections and Integrity Reporting including ASME B31G (Original and Modified), ASME/ANSI B318S, API 1160, 49 CFR 192 and 49CFR195.

$137,030/year. Send resume to: lNVACOR Solutions LLC, 6230 Bingle Road, Houston, TX 77092