The cost-effective way to ensure pipeline integrity

For both new pipes and those already in operation, our Hydrostatic Testing service guarantees your pipelines are free from leaks and strong enough to get the job done. Hydrostatic testing is an inexpensive procedure of filling a section of pipe with water to simulate higher-than-normal pressure and ensure its integrity. It’s an excellent choice for major projects with large diameters, long or multiple segments, or high pressures or volumes.

Equipped with a “Test Cabin” complete with calibrated deadweights, chart recorders, and all associated pumps, hoses and fittings, our skilled team will perform the test with care and attention to avoid commonly seen problems and produce reliable results. This includes:

  • Proper pig selection (foam, BiDi, cupped) to account for individual pipeline characteristics and prevent air pockets, which can cause false negatives
  • Accounting for head pressure, monitoring temperature, and controlling pig velocity
  • Test certification by a third-party, registered PE
  • Ability to perform short- or long-term tests of up to 24 hours, HDPE tests, and tests on multiple sections for added savings
  • Additional turn-key services upon request including line filling, line dewatering, pipeline drying, and pipe decommissioning via portable separators or flares or chemical cleaning

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